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Gamemaster Notes
Gamemaster  Notes
Group One Resources
WARNING - This information is meant for gamemasters only, as there could be spoilers.
Face to Face
Start Location:
Padgett Wood

Start Date:
5th of Cast Shen
One key element to running a successful combat encounter is to control the pace.  Make sure you are giving an equal amount of time to each player to work through their round while also keeping the process focused and timely.  Other factors that can create issues are cross-talk between other players and metagaming.  Both should be discouraged.  If either happens often enough to be distracting, it is best to address it as soon as possible.  First, approach it on an individual basis.  If that does not work, have an open discussion, making sure tempers do not flare.
Combat Pace
The story where we left it:
Our adventuring party from the Red Wyvern Inn pushes forward, hoping to end this vile corruption that has spread to the surrounding communities.  Their first assault was found to be… hmmm… lacking.  They were forced to withdraw from the sacred grove, severely injured from the skirmish.  With their second attempt, the party attempted to burn away the diseased earth but were interrupted by a group of yanishak, climbing out of the trees, hungry for man-flesh.  The team quickly dispatched the fae creatures and found a hole leading down, down into the unknown.  They now start their decent, ready for whatever awaits them in the darkness.

Chronicles of Ballidrous
Muck Corruptor